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Cancer is the second leading cause of death after cardiac diseases in Libya and many other countries. According to WHO and IARC published statistics, it is estimated that 6308 cases will be registered in the year 2018, out of them 185 cases are children. Around 3968 cases will require treatment and 9563 will need a close follow up and 13727 will need a regular extended follow up visits. The estimated crude incidence is 97.5 per 100.000 people.

Breast cancer is the commonest cancer constituting 12% of all cancers in both sexes followed by hepatobiliary, pancreatic and upper GI cancer with a percentage of 12% and Colorectal cancer 11% then lung cancer 11%. The gyneacological cancers constitute 8% and the prostate 5% while childhood cancer is 3%.

This disease has its psychological and financial effects extended to all family members of the patient and the services dealing with cancer patient and his family will require a special training and preparation.

About us

Scientific Research

  • Conduct studies, surveys and scientific researches
  • Involvement of the center in different scientific activities such as seminars, workshops, local and international conferences.
  • Keeping pace with the scientific development in the field of prevention, early detection, diagnosis, treatment and psycho-social support for the cancer patient.

Comprehensive Services

  • Engage qualified and skilled professionals.
  • Invest in training of cadres in the center.
  • Commitment to follow the principle of collective decision-making in the development of treatment plan for the patient through the discussion in the Multi-Disciplinary Team Meeting.
  • Use the best available techniques for diagnosis, treatment and documentation.
  • Develop mechanisms to ensure the availability of medicine and supplies.

Training of Human Resources

  • Participating in the training of university and postgraduate students within the specialization of the center.
  • To develop plans to qualify the human resources to be employed in the Center according to the nature of the work assigned to him.
  • Follow the training and continuous professional development programs.
  • Encourage innovation and creative teamwork.

Community Service

  • Effective participation in awareness programs.
  • Contribution to conducting surveys on the causes and magnitude of the cancer problem in Libya.
  • Contributing to cancer prevention programs.
  • Organizing seminars and scientific and cultural lectures.
  • Participate in recreational programs specially designed for cancer patients or for their support.

Tripoli Cancer Center

Our vision is to be a leading cancer care center in the region

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